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Peter Poussenier Bvba


pearl pendant with three oval cut emeralds between which two small brilliant cut diamonds set in small pots under which a white South Sea pearl
necklace choker or collar with four rows set with brilliant cut diamonds set with 4 claws per diamond
trilogylring with three brilliant cut diamonds with two claws between each two precious stones
solitaire ring with a marquise cut diamond upon a band in a V-prong-setting
solitaire earrings with radiant cut emeralds set with four claws and with a pin with alpa system
handmade solitaire ring with a larger central brilliant cut diamond on a band with palmettes and set with smaller brilliants finished with an engraving or thin border
pearl ring with a Tahitian pearl on a castle set band with brilliant cut diamonds
rounded pendant with four brillants pavé set diamonds on a with thin lines engraved hollow disk with a flat baté on the back
pendant with princess cut diamonds set with four pongs and attached with fine moving parts pending on a small ring
thinner rolo necklace with a lager bezel set brilliant cut diamond flanked by donut set smaller brilliants
halo earrings with central emerald cut rubies bezel set and surrounded with castle set smaller brilliant cut diamonds and Alpa poussets
Handmade solitaire earrings with brilliant cut diamonds set with four fine round claws and with a wire threaded butterfly for a screwed spil
bracelet set with larger descending brilliant cut diamonds in claw setting and flankes by pavé set bars
halo pear shaped pendant with three larger brilliant cut diamonds in the centre surrounded with pavé set smaller diamonds
solitaire ring with a brilliant cut diamond set in four prongs and flanked by smaller diamonds on the band
fine necklace with a solitaire pendant with a brilliant cut diamond set with four claws attached to a very small ring and at the end a rectangular engraved bar (extra small ring at 2cm)
wedding or anniversary ring with chanel set baguette cut diamonds
pavéearrings small half beads set with brilliant cut diamonds
halo set ring with a cushion cut bezel set diamond surrounded by smaller brilliants flanked pavé set in boxes with millegrain finish wearable together with wedding band
wedding or anniverasy ring with princess cut diamonds set in square blockchatons
pavé ring braided or crossed over half set with brilliant cut diamonds
massive ring to wear together with the little higher alliance ring like RG0788P/5/18
entourage or halo set ring with a central cushion cut diamond fancy orangey brown surrounded by on the band with slightly curved palmettes and pavé set with smaller brilliant (V mounted slightly higher for a close matching wedding band)
halo ring  with a brilliant cut diamond in the middle and surounded by an onyx ring and smaller pavé set diamonds